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Food Safe Flooring in Maple Syrup Processing Room

 What’s happening in this video… The tank room floor of this maple sugar processing plant was a new addition to the processing facility and needed to comply with the owner’s industrial flooring requirements for the abuse the floor will take when put into real life production or “in service”, actual day-to-day flooring conditions.

An application of a self leveling urethane cement coating [Mortarthane™ SLP by Garon Products] was selected to meet the needs of the harsh environment the new floor was about to encounter.

High heat (219 degrees F) was number one on the list of offenders that the floor would be exposed to.  This seamless floor coating solution was easily applied by roller in a very short time frame.

Food processing plants require bacteria fighting floors and so antimicrobial floor coatings were the only options for this food safety requirement.

Are epoxy anti slip coatings considered to be a good concrete floor coating option?

An epoxy floor coating should not be a consideration for thermal shock areas in food processing plants, beverage processing plants, food packaging or beverage packaging areas, food processing areas or anywhere food stuffs is present.

Although epoxy coatings can also be anti-slip which is ideal for a food manufacturing flooring application to keep employees on their feet, urethane mortar coatings are also anti slip coatings but are the better choice in meeting the strict regulations of FDA, USDA and OSHA requirement.

Food manufacturing facilities should rely upon the floor coating manufacturer to specify and recommend the best coating protection to meet their needs.

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