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Concrete Floor Repair Before Applying Floor Coating

What’s happening in this video… 100% solids epoxy mortar [Treflite] applied several inches thick to fill in a “trench area” in a concrete floor prior to floor resurfacing.

The concrete floor needs to be level in order to apply the floor coating.  It is crucial to examine the entire floor area to be coated for floor defects, divets, holes and trenches before applying floor coatings or a concrete sealer.

A floor coating will highlight any imperfections in the floor so make sure it is a smooth surface before floor coating application.

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Frequently asked questions about repairing concrete floors…

What types of products are used for concrete floor repair before application of a top coating?

The types of products that are used to prepare concrete floors are varied. There are many. Usually, epoxy mortars are used that are set quickly. Among the many choices is, for example, a one hour rapid set epoxy mortar that only requires an hour to cure.

This fast set time allows a work crew to repair a floor, take a lunch break and return to install an epoxy coating to the repaired flooring surface. In the trades, this is referred to as a “one hour rapid cure”.

The obvious benefit is that a crew does not have to leave the job and wait for the repaired concrete areas to cure and return the next day.

There are other materials that are slower setting epoxy repair materials that would require an overnight. For this slower set material, a return to the job would typically be the following day to apply the epoxy coating material.

Crack and joint repair

And then for the joints, cracks and spalls in concrete there are other materials that are used. Popular concrete crack repair products include hybrids that are epoxy urethane composition.

These concrete patch materials provide the rigidity needed in a control joint that also allows movement at the same time for the expansion and contraction during the seasons of hot and cold.  Consult the product data sheet and the manufacturer for how to choose the right concrete repair material for control joints and expansion joints.

At times the wrong product is selected to fill control joints. Softer joint fillers typically used on vertical joints are sometimes mistakenly used to fill these joints. What results is a floor that develops tears in the surface in the area of the filled control joints.

This concrete damage can be in the form of concrete spalling, cracked concrete, concrete pitting of the surface and requires concrete floor repair products suited for cracks in concrete slabs and expansion and control joint repair.

Anything can cause the joint to tear or puncture and the coatings covering these joints begin to fail in precisely the same spots where an improper joint material is selected.

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