Use Areas

Explore all the applications of Garon Products below

Heavy Traffic Aisleways, Warehouse Floors

  • Concrete Potholes — Heavy Traffic, Water, Chemical — TREFLITE™ is 5X stronger than concrete. Best for washdown areas,floors exposed to acid, solvents. Withstands high impact, heavy-load traffic.
  • Concrete Potholes — Heavy Traffic, Need Low Downtime — TRAFFIC-FAST™ is ideal for concrete potholes less than 3" deep. HY-SPEED™ 500 is pourable and best for concrete potholes over 3" deep. 
  • To Coat Heavy Traffic Areas — GARON GUARD™ protects concrete floors under heavy impact and abrasion. For extreme use areas and extra-long wear life use POUR-N-WALK™

Chemical Production, Containment Areas

  • Best For Smoothing Pitted, Damaged Floors — POUR-N-WALK™ CR resists harsh chemical exposure — including 98% sulfuric acid. Self-leveling, squeegee application.
  • Adds Chemical Barrier to Smooth Floors, Existing Coatings — NUTRACID™. resists 98% sulfuric acid. Easy roller application. Ideal for recoating floors that need chemical protection barrier.
  • Spot Patching and Large Floor Area Renovation — TREFLITE™ is trowel-applied for 1/4"+ thick barrier against chemical attack.

Food Production Areas, Kitchens

  • Repair Damaged Floors for Freezers, Coolers (No Shutdown Required) - ARCTIC FREEZITE™ puts floors back in service in as little as 2 hours at -10 F. Trowel applied. No odor.
  • Coating Food Processing, Production Floors – GARON GUARD™ roller applied. POUR-N-WALK ™ coats badly pitted, damaged floors. Squeegee applied. 
  • Repairing and Renovating High Heat, Oven Floor Areas – MORTARTHANE™ HF resists hot-to-cold thermal shock; hot oil/grease at up to 400 F. Urethane formula prevents floor "pop-outs". Trowel applied.
  • Self-leveling, shock resistant coating — MORTARTHANE™ SL

Loading Docks

  • Loading Dock Pothole & Deep Crack Repair – TREFLITE™
  • Damaged Vertical Concrete Surfaces – TIGERCRETE™ is ideal for quick 20-minute repairs. Loading dock vertical surfaces strengthened, look new – without formwork.
  • Loading Dock Anti-Slip Safety Coating – STOP-SLIP™ HD protects against slips, falls, vehicle skidding on wet slippery loading dock areas. Easy roller application, open to traffic overnight.

Sidewalks, Outdoor Concrete Decks

  • Patching Deep Potholes, Badly Damaged Sidewalks, Decks — TIGERCRETE™ SP is best for spot patching. Easy to mix with simple trowel application.
  • Renovating, Adding Complete New Surface To Damaged Sidewalks, Decks — FLAT ROCK™ adds a concrete layer of 1/8" to 1"+ over existing area. Self-leveling; no troweling.
  • Change Color, Appearance of Sidewalks, Outdoor Decks — ACCELERESIN™ preserves concrete surfaces protects against pitting, cracks. Colors uphold UV exposure. Corrosion resistant. Roller applied. 

Stair Renovations

  • Renovate Stairways With Safe, Anti-Slip Traction — GARON TREDS™ manufactured from extruded aluminum and hard-wearing aluminum oxide grit. 
  • Provides pedestrian and vehicle traction on stairs, ramps.  Easy adhesive or screw-down installation with your own staff.
  • Resurface, Repair Pitted Concrete Stairs — NU-STAIR™ prepares heavily damaged concrete stairways for a GARON TREDS ™ installation.
  • Or use NU-STAIR™ on its own for a complete stairway renovation. Fast-set, simple trowel application. 

Locker Rooms, Restroom Floors

  • Make Floors Anti-Slip But Easy to Clean — STOP-SLIP™ LTB is excellent for barefoot traffic areas. Pleasing color selection. Quick, easy roller application.
  • Decorative, withstands heavy traffic, extreme durability — DECORPOXY™ resurfaces old pitted floors for a new construction, renovated look. Easy trowel application.
  • Easy-To-Clean, Glass-Smooth Finish — Resurface — POUR-N-WALK™ is self-leveling and squeegee applied (no special skills needed). Very high impact resistance.