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Hotel Kitchen Flooring Gets New Floor Pitch and Overlay

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What’s happening in this video… This hotel kitchen flooring installation began with a concrete floor excavation to determine the root cause of water leakage. After the concrete slab was excavated and repaired,  a pitch to the floor trench drain was installed to alleviate the ponding water problem.

“Floor is functioning well. We are very pleased with Garon’s team approach in working with the trades involved. The floor is back in the temperature extremes we put it through every day and is functioning well in this environment.” ~ Vince Sloan, Facility Manger, Marriott Int’l

Finally, a new cementitious urethane floor resurfacer was applied to replace the previous old epoxy floor coating on this commercial kitchen floor.

The floor of this hotel commercial kitchen had a previous epoxy floor coating which couldn’t hold up to the high heat from the ovens, hot steam from the dishwasher and the daily hot water power-washing.

What is the most often overlooked consideration in hotel kitchen floor repairs?

A proper floor pitch to the drains is essential for hotel, restaurant, or any commercial kitchen floor to eliminate any standing or ponding water.  This commercial kitchen floor wasn’t pitched to the floor drains and as a result, there was persistent standing water – a breeding ground for bacteria as well as a slip and fall hazard.

As a commercial kitchen floor that serves three restaurants in the Marriott hotel, the kitchen could not be fully shut down.  Time was of the essence in turning the kitchen floor back over to the owners for service within 48 hours while keeping open other areas of the kitchen to continue service to the hotel guests.

Once the job was activated, leaking pipe damages were discovered and after root cause analysis, it became apparent it was coming from pipes beneath the concrete floor. This once straight forward job turned into an extremely technical job.

Water leaking issues must be identified before floor resurfacing

After identifying the root cause of a sub concrete surface leaking water pipe, major excavation of the concrete slab was necessary to find and replace the leaking pipes. Despite this major obstacle, the turnaround on floor re-delivery had to remain on target.

The floor coating manufacturer specified a fast set, polymer-modified mortar to refill all excavated concrete floor areas instead of the regular concrete fill that was slated for use.

Without this fast-set mortar, the installers would not have been able to get back on the floor for a minimum of 7 days to start their work in repairing and resurfacing the commercial kitchen floor.

The Solution – a perfect pitch to drain and seamless urethane mortar overlay

After the concrete slab was repaired, a urethane cement overlay, [Mortarthane™ HF with Mortarthane™ HF Topcoat] was applied to protect the concrete floor from hot power-washing, high heat and hot steam from ovens and dish washers.

To create a proper floor pitch to the drain, a grout that is able to resist hot-cold thermal cycling [Tigercrete™ SP] was used to pitch 2″ off the wall to the newly installed trench drain.

New aluminum trench drains were installed and finished with a flexible joint filler [Joint Guard™] around the perimeter of the drain to allow the aluminum to flex when exposed to radical temperature changes from the hot water power washing.

The Result – Easy to clean, non-slip and seamless flooring surface

Marriott’s hotel flooring now consists of a urethane cement mortar overlay with an applied cove around the perimeter of the floor in order to create a bathtub like floor – hot water power-washing is now contained to the floor without seeping through the floor/wall joints.

The urethane cement mortar overlay is designed to protect all types of commercial flooring or industrial flooring.  For this hotel kitchen, the flooring solutions provides a seamless floor coating able to withstand exposure to high heat and hot water and thermal shock.  The cementitious urethane mortar application was executed on time, within the allotted 48 hour window.

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